The travel cooker that changed my life

Cooking gluten-free meals on the go no matter where I am.

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11/18/20232 min read

Adjusting to life on the go

One of my biggest adjustments to navigating celiac disease was how to avoid cross-contamination when on the go. I travel a lot, often to places that can't cater for gluten-free diets. Preparing food in different kitchens and with different people is really common in my life. Once I knew I had celiac disease and could not eat gluten even in its tiniest form, I felt as if everywhere was off-limits. Practically any place I went to was laden with food that could make me unwell. The anxiety of how to eat on the go, paired with the experience of actually getting sick when I was travelling was crushing.

And so after sulking and wondering if my life on the go was over (#dramaqueen) I had an idea - what if I could bring a mini cooker with me?

Indeed I could.

New level unlocked

Portable, easy to use and provider of hot meals, the mini travel cooker has become my new BFF. I use the Dreepor Health Pot Electric Kettle Portable Multi Cooker Dessert Cooker which I bought on Lazada (Southeast Asia shopping platform) but there are a host of others out there (see more later).

New level unlocked: the travel cooker that changed my life

It's easy to travel with and I have used it in remote field sites, at conferences and workshops. It brings me so much joy. It is electric powered - you need to connect it to the mains. Then there are simple setting to heat food (soup, packet noodles), boil water and even cook rice.

Wrapping up

If like me, you find that living gluten-free has made your life on the go more complicated, then I really recommend a mini travel cooker. No matter what brand you choose, find one that works for you and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with having a backup plan no matter where you go (as long as there is electricity!).

Other Mini Travel Cookers to try

While I have not tested these, here are some similar travel cookers I have found online - they range from similar all-in-one hot pots to larger frying pan hot pot style cookers:

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